The AGROMART Group of franchised companies supply a full range of crop production inputs such as Crop Nutrients, Crop Protection Products and Seed, along with associated services to farmers in Ontario and the Maritimes. Most “AGROMART’s” are a joint venture partnership between the Agronomy Company of Canada Ltd. and the management at the individual “AGROMART.” By combining the strength of a large regional organization with local entrepreneurship and innovation, The AGROMART Group, is able to supply an unparalleled product and service mix to our customers in a highly competitive industry.

The Agronomy Company of Canada owns The AGROMART Group franchise and operates out of Belton, Ontario, 20 km northeast of London (Click here for a map). Through the franchise arrangement the company provides specific services for the AGROMART locations. One of the more important services provided includes volume purchases of crop nutrients, crop protectants, seed, equipment etc., to capitalize on any volume discounts and distributor programs. Other services include training, group insurance, administration of group benefits, financial services including credit, banking, accounting, auditing and income tax services. The Agronomy Company also plays an important role in interpreting standards and developing guidelines for use by the locations to assist in the protection of the environment and the health and safety of employees. Shares of The Agronomy Company of Canada are owned by La Coop fédérée.

Also located at Belton, is AGROMART Terminals Inc. and AGROMART Processing Company Inc. These companies were set-up within The AGROMART Group, to meet the needs of the participating companies for fertilizer logistics and IP (Identity Preserved) soybean processing, respectively. For more information click the links above.

Our group buying power helps ensure that our customers receive products at competitive prices, and investments in warehousing facilities, inventory, application equipment and knowledgeable staff help ensure that they get exceptional service. Our goal is to supply the products and services our customers need to produce high yields and a solid bottom line.

Knowledgeable and well-trained staff at each AGROMART (over 50 Certified Crop Advisors in total) is one of the greatest assets of the AGROMART Group of companies. Product recommendations are made on a daily basis throughout the growing season, as well as numerous follow-up visits to the field to evaluate in-field performance. Add to this an incredible arsenal of training on new products and key management issues, and you can see why your local AGROMART is the preferred place to go for Crop Production Products, Crop Production Services, crop information and recommendations.