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TCO Agromart Ltd. and Northumberland Grain Inc. are combining forces.

March 1, 2021

Trenton, Napanee, Brighton, Belleville, Cobourg, Ontario – March 1, 2021:

TCO Agromart Ltd. of Trenton and Napanee, Ontario and Northumberland Grain Inc. of Brighton, Cobourg and Belleville, Ontario have announced that they will be joining forces in a joint venture with Sollio Agriculture that will strengthen both businesses and ensure their presence in their communities well into the future. 

With the everchanging agriculture market, TCO Agromart and Northumberland Grain are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and provide better support and solutions for their customers. 

The combined businesses will operate as TCO Agromart Ltd., but the people, facilities, equipment, and day-to-day operation will not change. The united goal is to capture synergies to better support customers’ business needs. This will include access to all products, services, and equipment offered by each company at all locations for the convenience of the customer. 


“Combining our businesses allows our locations to focus on new products and innovations to serve our customers,”

says Larry Hutchinson, Manager of TCO Agromart – Trenton.


“Our biggest asset is our people, so we will continue to develop and build an engaged team.”

Says Terry O’Neill, Manager of TCO Agromart – Napanee.


“Northumberland Grain is excited to merge with TCO Agromart, expanding our capacity and resources to support the farm community. Together, we will grow the future of agriculture,”

says Dexter Harder, Manager of Northumberland Grain.

TCO Agromart and Northumberland Grain are determined to maintain the existing relationships they have with their customers and together they will continue to build upon these and gain new ones in the marketplace.

For more information please contact:

Larry Hutchinson

Partner, TCO Agromart Ltd.

(613) 394-3371

Sandra O’Neill

Partner, TCO Agromart Ltd.

(613) 354-4424

Terry O’Neill

Partner, TCO Agromart Ltd.

(613) 354-4424

Karen Harder

Partner, Northumberland Grain Inc.

(613) 475-3284

Dexter Harder

Partner, Northumberland Grain Inc. 

(613) 475-3284

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