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Our Services

TCO Agromart provides a wide range of services, experience, and technology for better farming. Our staff of certified crop advisors, seed specialists, experienced custom applicators, livestock, and equine consultants can help you make the best farm management choices.

TCO Agromart farm equipment at farm

Crop Services

At TCO Agromart we take pride in continually advancing and proactively enhancing crop services to help improve your bottom line.
  • Agronomy Support

  • Experts on Crop Planning and Scouting

  • Spraying (Row Crops & High Clearance Application) 

  • Grain Marketing

  • Grain Receiving

  • Custom forage mixing

  • Custom trucking

  • Spreader rentals

  • Soil Sampling (grid, GPS & bulk)

  • Climate Fieldview Sales and Support

  • Tissue sampling

  • Prescription development

  • Weigh Wagon Yield Trails

TCO Agromart farm equipment at farm
Rogator 1 TCO Agromart Ltd

Custom Applications

TCO Agromart offers both custom fertilizer and crop protection applications. Our operators are fully trained and licensed to provide our customers with the confidence that product and application is accurate.

  • Fertilizer Spreading

  • Variable Rate Dry Spreading

  • Spraying (Row Crops & High Clearance Application) 

  • Side Dressing

  • Lime Spreading

  • ATV Spreading

fertilizer and crop protections TCO Agromart Ltd_
TCO Agromart Ltd. truck driver by truck

Feed Services

We offer a variety of feed services for all kinds of livestock. From dairy, equine, poultry, to pets we’re here to meet your feed needs.

  • Feed testing and analysis

  • Ration balancing using the latest in ration balancing software

  • Management support & nutrition advice

  • Custom designed feed products

  • Livestock performance monitoring & evaluation

  • Feed cost analysis

  • Feed deliveries

  • Equine consulting services

TCO Agromart Ltd. truck driver by truck

Ruminant Nutrition Consultants

Napanee (Selby)


Agriculture Financing

TCO Agromart understands the complexities of farming. We’ve partnered with various financial institutions to assist farmers to maximize profitability. All financial companies listed below are available at all TCO Agromart locations.

Photo of financial meeting with client at desk

FCC Input Financing Program

John Deere Financing Program

Scotiabank’s Yield More Financing ™ Program