Reducing the Risk of Fire on Your Farm

A fire on a farm is devastating and can cause large losses in property and life.  A Media Release was done at TCO Agromart Ltd. in Trenton on March 25, 2014 where the Quinte West Fire Department distributed booklets entitled “Reducing The Risk Of Fire On Your Farm”.  These booklets are available free of charge to anyone who would like one and can be obtained at TCO Agromart Trenton.  The Belleville Fire Department rural volunteer fire fighters will be hand delivering the booklets to every farmer’s mailbox in the rural/Thurlow area within the next two to three weeks.  The booklet highlights the leading causes of barn fires, preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of fire, preventing spread and reducing the impact of fires.  There is also a section that allows you to assess your risk of fire by filing out a checklist.  Fires in Ontario farm buildings have resulted in losses of over $30 million per year, and Deputy Fire Chief Daniel Smiths said, “the Province of Ontario has been experiencing a significantly high number of barn fires/livestock loss from barn fires over the winter months-” Help spread the word by visiting your neighbouring farms and exchanging information and ideas on safety and ensuring your neighbours know your farms municipal address and vice versa.  It could be their call that saves your farm!  For more information, drop by TCO Agromart Ltd. Trenton location and pick up your “Reducing The Risk Of Fire On Your Farm” booklet, or your local Fire Department can provide you with links, tip sheets and safety guidelines.  The booklet can also be downloaded at