November 2017 Newsletter – Trenton

The days certainly feel shorter now that we have changed our clocks back to daylight savings time.  The fall has become very busy as usual.  Katelyn is busy taking soil samples and there is still time to get your name on the list. At some previous meetings you have heard us talk about partnering with someone to help supply maps and field data.  We just recently made that decision and that company is Climate Feildview.  They are a data partner to help support the decisions you make every day; simplify data management and digital maps to better analyze seed performance.  The ability to get notifications on your mobile device concerning changing conditions on your farm and fields to help you plan your day more efficiently are just some of the benefits.  Michael and Katelyn have been to some training sessions and we will plan a meeting in the New Year to supply more information. Continue to have a safe harvest.  ~  Larry


Deer hunting time is here again.  We have numerous Salt Lics and blocks for them.  We also have cracked and whole Corn as well as COB, which is a mixture of corn oats and barley mixed with molasses.  Frosty nights will be coming our way soon.  Come in and see our deicers.  There are many types for stock tanks, floating and sinking drain plugs and heaters for Rubbermaid tanks.  We have 3 gal heated chicken waterers, and heated rabbit waterers too.  Bulk road salt is now available.  We have 20kg & 40kg bags of safety salt.  Urea is also available.  It melts the ice and fertilizes your lawn.  We have lots of wood pellets in stock.  Come in and see our Carhartt Clothing for kids.  ~ Ineke


With the bean harvest and wheat planting nearing completion, we have a good handle on where the bean harvest has turned out.  Most of our growers report yields 5-10 bu. below recent years levels.  Thin strands, aborted beans and white mold have been responsible for the decreases, but the causes vary from farm to farm based in field history and planting dates.  We have harvested three plots that were planted and the highlights are included here for you.

Jim Woof – Codrington

Planted June 9th – Sprayed Trivapro & Low rate Allegro

Top Yields .07-1.4 maturity

Dow 5A105RR2 – 58 bu.

Dow 5A075 – 58 bu.

NK S14-B2X 57 bu.

NK S12-H2 – 57 bu.

Dow 095D1 – 57 bu.

NK S07-K5X – 56 bu.

Top Yielders .01-.06 maturity

Dow 031M1 – 63 bu.

Dow 03RY33 – 62 bu

NK S05-F9 – 62 bu.

NK XD2R0564 – 60bu. Experimental

Fred McCaw – Frankford

Planted June 15th – Beans on Beans – Tilled

NK 207-K5X – 51 bu.

NK S12-H2 – 50bu.

NK S10-S1 – 45 bu.

Beans on Corn – Tilled

NK S07-K5X – 55 bu.

NK S09-C3X – 55 bu.

NK S10-S1 – 54 bu.

NK S14-B2X – 53 bu.

Yields response difference is quite measurable in this years climate.  Sales season is upon us again and early order programs make for a sizeable savings on most orders.  We will be in touch shortly to line up your seed needs for 2018.  ~ Bob, Mike and Kaitlyn


We are making some changes to our bag feed delivery schedule effective November 13th, 2017. Please call or check our website for when we will be delivering in your area. For all regularly stocked items orders must be placed 2 days prior to scheduled delivery, one week prior for custom items. Orders placed late will be charged an additional delivery fee.  Mycotoxins, once ingested can be degraded by rumen fermentation at lower levels but when levels are high they damage the intestinal lining. The intestinal lining acts as a protective barrier against harmful pathogens, as well as absorbing nutrients. This damage allows harmful pathogens to enter the body and elicits an immune response, using up energy and spreading out the immune system. Heifers and dry cows are just as susceptible to mycotoxins as lactating cow and may even be more susceptible when under the stress of transitions between pens and groups.  Please contact your Shur-Gain rep about the promotion with our mycotoxin test.  ~ Katie Spence: 613-921-1930, Daryl Taylor: 705-559-1332