July Newsletter – Trenton

July Newletter – Trenton…

We were all saddened last week to learn of the passing of Rosemary on July 5th.  Rosemary certainly was a major driving force in our local agricultural community.  She was a Joint Venture Partner and Manager of Tri-County Agromart from 1983-2007.  She had a passion for agriculture and a great respect for the farming community and was always striving to better agriculture and make her customers more successful.  Rosemary sat on many local committees over the years and always provided a rural voice for agriculture.  Her energy and enthusiasm for agriculture contributed to her success as a business woman and she was proud to be part of the industry.  I will miss you my friend.  ~ Larry



Summer is here again and along with that comes haying season. For the round bales we have 28000 plastic; for large squares we have 4000-500 and 4000-450. For some small square bales we have 9000 plastic and sisal.  We also carry bale wrap in both 30” & 20” and net wrap in 51” and 48”.  For any late gardeners, our garden seed is still here.  It is also fly season. We carry fly sprays for horses as well as fly masks.  We have Wipe which repels, and kills on contact, horse flies, stable flies, gnats and mosquitos.  Just wipe it on horses and ponies.  With show season approaching we also carry lots of show supplies for both horses and cattle.  ~ Ineke


Well, spring is over for another year and seed is in the ground.  We would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and cooperation throughout this busy season.  Haying is well on its way and we have lots of supply of mold out, hay inoculant and sil-all inoculant.  If you have any fields that need to be scouted, or if you are worried about anything, please don’t hesitate in giving us a call.  We hope everyone has a safe and happy summer and is able to take some time off to enjoy the nice weather.  ~ Bob, Mike and Jason


Well …. What a spring, did we have one yet? Rain, rain, rain.  It has been a very challenging year for sure. Hard to get crops in and sprayed and even harder to get hay cut. It is nearly impossible to get dry hay, and with fields so wet, hard to get in to get haylage cut. I have picked up some samples, and they are all over the map, some good and some not so good. Lower proteins with higher fiber content, almost all grasses out in head. The one funny thing I haven’t seen much this year yet though, no alfalfa in bloom….weird.  A nice quota increase for dairy farmers starting 1st of July. If you need some help with ideas on how to increase your milk production, give us an opportunity to show how we can help. 1 very important item is a very good balanced dry cow program. We can show you some ways to improve on that.  So I said WE above. I would like to welcome Katie Spence to the TCO team. Katie started June 26th. I will be taking her around with me and she will be out doing some introductions on her own. She is just finishing her Masters in Ruminant Nutrition, so really looking forward to getting her some Shurgain training and working closely with her. Welcome to the team Katie.  If you were lucky enough to get some oats/peas forages or something similar in the ground, cutting should be 50 days or so, so keep eye on calendar. If you were lucky to get 1st cut off in early fashion, 2nd cut will be a great crop this year. Hopefully we can make some dry hay out of this. There are no reserves of dry hay in anyone’s sheds I call on.  Have a safe summer, spend some time with your family every chance you get.  Oh and by the way, congratulations to Kirk and Sherry Stockdale for winning the Leafs tickets from last month’s newsletter. I will maybe do that again, so keep your eyes peeled.  ~ Daryl Taylor: 705-559-1332, Katie Spence 613-921-1930