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At Shur-Gain we have a strong history and reputation in small ruminant nutrition and feeds. Our teams of advisors, dealers, researchers and nutritionists have the resources and knowledge to make a difference to your sheep operation. Shur-Gain Nutrition Advisors and dealers are valued and dependable partners, who work in collaboration with our customers to maximize profitability, maintain herd health and reduce environmental impact.

As a recognized leader in the area of nutritional science and animal feed innovation, we believe it is our mission to utilize leading edge research from our global experience and bring these innovations and technologies to market as quickly as possible to help your sheep operation.

We led the way with products designed and formulated with optimum levels of bypass protein and energy to promote protein deposition in growing lambs. All Shur-Gain Sheep Feeds are supplemented with an optimum balance of minerals, trace minerals and vitamins to promote growth, enhance immune function and contribute to overall health. Our Sheep Feeds do not contain any animal protein byproducts or added copper. Shur-Gain’s products offer great versatility and can be adapted to fit your on-farm feeding situation.

Feeding Lambs for Optimum Gain, Feed Efficiency and Profitability

At Shur-Gain we understand that feeding lambs for optimum gain, feed efficiency and profitability can be a challenge. By partnering with Shur-Gain, our advisors are trained to consider a number of essential components to help ensure success to your operation. These components include: the facility where lambs are to be fed, the feeding and management of animals and potential diseases that may occur during the feedlot finishing of lambs.

Shur-Gain Feeding Programs:

Creep Feed
Shur-Gain 18% Lamb Creep Pellets is created for lambs from birth through weaning. We advise feeding this creep to lambs under stress such as groups where there are twins and triplets or in accelerated lambing programs with early weaning. We have created creep feed Shur-Gain 16% Lamb Starter Ration (Pelleted) for lambs from birth through weaning and starting lambs on fed.

Milk Replacers
Getting your lambs off to a rapid growth starts with the right milk replacer. Shur-Gain milk replacers are designed to provide optimum levels of protein and energy to meet the demanding growth requirements for your lambs. We offer a selection of lamb milk replacers with options for acidified and non-acidified.

Feedlot Lambs
Feedlot lambs are susceptible to several disease conditions related to feeding and management of the animals. These include acidosis, coccidiosis, urinary calculi and enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney). Shur-Gain has developed a number of key feeding and management factors that help reduce the risk of developing these diseases. Our feedlot sheep feeds have low levels of escape crude protein (ECP) from ammonium sulphate, not urea. This is included to help prevent urinary calculi in male lambs and rams.

Shur-Gain lamb feedlot rations can be fed following the creep ration. Mix increasing amounts of the feedlot starter ration in with the creep and feed this for 7-10 days to ease the transition to the new ration. Once lambs are adapted to the feedlot whole grain ration; continue to feed both the appropriate feedlot ration and hay free choice but separately.

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Growing your Kid Goats

Shur-Gain kid feeding programs are designed to be palatable and provide optimum levels of energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins for the young growing kid. Feeding a Shur-Gain Kid Goat Feeding program will help increase papillae growth of the rumen to allow kids to be weaned sooner and help ensure that they continue their rapid growth.

In order to achieve the goal of two (or more) healthy viable kids per doe, low morbidity and mortality with a rapid rate of gain in the kids, several important steps should be followed:

  • Feeding and management of the dry does.
  • Feeding adequate colostrum to the kids in a timely manner.
  • Getting the kids onto a good milk replacer and feeding program.
  • Developing the young rumen as rapidly as possible.

Kid Goat Milk Replacers
Getting kids started right includes sufficient protein and energy to meet the demands for growth. Shur-Gain offers a selection of Kid Milk Replacers for both replacement doe kids, as well as meat kids. Acidified Milk Replacers are also available.

Kid Goat
Providing your kid goat with the Shur-Gain feeding program will help produce well grown doelings in the milking line at a year of age by optimizing growth and development at all stages.

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