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Your small ruminants will find all the feed they love to eat they need at TCO – it’s nutritious too!


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LAMB PRE-STARTER 18% LAS (3283-B) – This multi-particle 18% protein lamb pre-starter is a highly palatable mixture of extruded particles, steamed flaked grains, pellets and molasses. It is designed to be fed free-choice to Iambs from 3 days of age until after weaning. It is medicated with Bovatec to help prevent coccidiosis challenges in young Iambs. Keep feed fresh and free-choice clean water available to optimize intake. Please give us advance notice if you are looking for this product.

LAMBENA (3295) – Lambena is a 16% complete pellet. It is recommended that this feed be introduced to Iambs after the Purina Lamb Pre-Starter. Lambena is highly fortified with essential minerals and vitamins. It is designed to be fed free-choice from weaning to market weight to ensure rapid weight gain and excellent carcass quality. It can be mixed with on≠farm whole grains to achieve the desired final finish.

PUR-A-LAMB B35 (3280) – This 35% protein supplement contains all natural proteins – no urea or animal byproducts. Pur-A-Lamb is a highly fortified supplement that can be used to balance the needs of the entire flock. It is designed to be mixed with on-farm grains to make a 16% grower or a 14% finisher.

SHEEP MINERAL (3440) – A high quality mineral containing no added copper that can be used for the whole flock. Every bag has a blue scoop which equals 28 grams, the typical feeding rate per mature animal per day. Sheep should have access to mineral throughout the year, particularly during breeding, lambing and lactation seasons.

Fastart Startena EX 18 (1035) or Lamb Pre-Starter EX 18 (3283) – Excellent palatability and early consumption results in faster gains, stimulates rumen development for a smoother transition postweaning.


Goat Maximizer (1224/1225/1227) – Market leading feed with excellent palatability and highly fortified with minerals and vitamins. Delivers a unique blend of high energy and protein ingredients to maximize milk yield and components in milking goats.

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Activ Plus 18:9 or 15:15 (1924 / 1923) – A palatable 2:1 or 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous, highly formulated with trace minerals and vitamins.

Pur-A-Lamb 35% Supplement NAPF (3280) – A supplement designed for small ruminants to be mixed with onfarm grains, an excellent choice especially for male goats as it has been formulated to prevent urinary calculi.

Goat Milk Replacer (1159) – This 20:18 milk replacer contains all milk proteins and has been designed to be fed to young kids from day 3 until weaning.
TCO Sheep & Goat Ration – A 15% textured feed using all natural protein sources.


Sup-R-Block Mineral 9:5 – A mineral block highly fortified with essential minerals and vitamins for dairy heifers, goats, and beef cattle on pasture. Average Daily Intake: 100-150grams.

Sheep/Goat Mineral Block 9:5 – A free choice block designed for sheep and fibre producing goats on high quality forages. It contains no added copper. Average Daily Intake: 30-50grams

Block Feeding Tips

    • Feed a high quality mineral 2 weeks prior to feeding the blocks
    • Place blocks near water or feed on well drained soil
    • One 25 kg block for 5 cattle or 25 sheep/goats
  • Forage quality will impact intake, so if intake is higher than expected, check your forages.

Purina Small Ruminant Calculator

If you are looking to get a balanced ration for your sheep or goats, please ask Lisa to look at balancing your ration using our small ruminant balancing program.

Feed Testing

TCO Agromart will sample feeds on farm to assess quality and nutrients as part of the ration balancing program

    • Accredited lab for testing
    • Reliable results
  • Standard testing includes: sugars, digestible NDF and fermentation acids report

Feed Deliveries

We have two bulk feed trucks with pups that can haul 35 MT of feed at once. With this capacity, we can haul more feed at once to help reduce trucking costs and streamline the process. Scott Shelly and Daryl Brooks operate our feed trucks. They are experienced and hard working to get you your feed in a timely and effective fashion. If you’re looking for bags or totes, our bag truck drivers will deliver you what you need. Feel free to call the store to find out our bag truck schedule.

For more information about our feed products contact:

Rebecca Barr – Ruminant Farm Consultant

Selby Store: 613-354-4424

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