We have a wide selection of products and services to cover all your dairy needs from calf & heifer to transition animals

Calf & Heifer Products

Accel 26-19 DEC – Provides a high level of all milk proteins designed to maximize the calf’s growth potential. In combination with strong management practices, this product will support superior frame development. Milk Chow 26:19 DEC contains Deccox-M to help prevent the incidence of coccidiosis in young calves that are not consuming adequate amounts of calf starter to provide full protection.

Milk Chow 22-18 DEC – is an all-milk, high performance milk replacer for dairy replacement heifers. It provides the nutrition required for high growth rates for calves. The addition of Deccox-M helps to prevent coccidiosis in calves not consuming adequate levels of calf starter to provide full protection.

Milk Chow 20-16 -is a 100% milk protein milk replacer for calves. This product contains a slightly lower level of fat/energy, which encourages higher starter intake at an earlier age.

Stature 22 EX Starter DEC – is a market leading calf starter designed to promote optimal development in young calves. It contains a unique blend of an extruded (high energy) particle, pellets, and steam-flaked grains, which helps increase energy utilization and rumen development. It also contains a source of digestible fibre, which has been shown to improve rumen development and overall growth. Farm trials on well managed farms have shown that calves were 1.1+ inch taller on Stature 22% EX when compared to other high quality starters.

Prima 22 MS – This is a calf starter designed for calves in the pre-weaning stage made with rolled grains, protein pellets with Deccox to prevent coccidiosis. This is a good quality & economical starter for your calves to get off to a great start!

TCO 18% Calf Startena DEC – This is a calf starter designed for calves in the pre-weaning stage made with rolled grains, protein pellets with Deccox to prevent coccidiosis. This is a good quality & economical starter for your calves to get off to a great start!

TCO 16% Calf Grower DEC – a great option to be fed to weaned heifers on a high quality hay. Containing rolled grains, protein and molasses, this grower is very palatable leading to great intakes! It also contains Deccox to prevent the onset of coccidiosis.

Prima 20% MS – A economical starter/supplement medicated with Rumensin. This product comes in the unique “Mash cube” texture, incorporating whole corn into a pelleted feed. It also has excellent palatability.

Stature 20 LAS – is an industry leading grower, specifically formulated for heifers on an accelerated development program, and high genetic/show heifers. Stature 20 can be fed to heifers from 2+ months of age. This product is designed to be fed with high quality hay to maximize frame and lean muscle development in replacement heifers. Note: Please give us advance notice if you are interested in this product.

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Fastart Supplement 35 DEC – is a pelleted supplement designed for heifers under 6 months of age. Containing 35% protein and Deccox, it can be combined with on farm grains to made a heifer grain or used as a protein topdress for show heifers. Only top quality protein sources are used for this supplement.

Prima 40 Supplement LAS -is formulated with high quality proteins, minerals and vitamins to optimize heifer growth from 6+ months of age. Formulated with a variety protein sources, Prima 40 Supplement complements on-farm forage & grain sources, and support nutrient requirements in an economical fashion. Contains Bovatec to provide protection from coccidiosis and promote growth.

Activ 13:13 MS – a medicated mineral used for heifers as well as beef cattle. Works well for older heifers that are either on pasture or receiving only on farm feed sources. Medicated with Rumensin to promote growth as well as prevent coccidiosis.

10:4 Heifer Mineral MS – An economical heifer mineral that is medicated with Rumensin. It is well fortified with trace minerals and vitamins to meet all nutritional requirements of the heifers.


Purina’s Sup-R-Growth Block LAS (dairy) – is a 22% protein supplement in a weather-proof, self limiting block (25 kg or 225kg). This product is designed to supplement heifers > 6 months of age on pasture or in confinement. The Sup-R-Growth Block is Canada’s only free-choice protein supplement containing an ionophore (Bovatec). Average Daily Intake: 0.75-1kg.

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Sup-R-Block Mineral 9:5 – A mineral block highly fortified with essential minerals and vitamins for dairy heifers, goats, and beef cattle on pasture. Average Daily Intake: 100-150grams.

Block Feeding Tips

    • Feed a high quality mineral 2 weeks prior to feeding the blocks
    • Place blocks near water or feed on well drained soil
    • One 225kg block for 25 cattle
    • One 25 kg block for 5 cattle or 25 sheep/goats
  • Forage quality will impact intake, so if intake is higher than expected, check your forages.

Transition Cow Products

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Primer 24Z – Purina’s Primer 24Z is a dry cow supplement formulated specifically for the close-up and early lactation period. The supplement contains an ideal blend of energy and protein, along with Purina’s Promote NET Technology. This technology uses a specific fibre-digesting enzyme blend that improves fibre digestion and increases the energy density of the ration. Prime Time NET B21 contains all the nutrients needed to prepare the close-up dry cow for the demands of high productivity.

Primer 30MS – Purina’s Primer 30MS is specifically designed to meet the nutrient requirements of the dry cow during the faraway period and/or the close up period. This product provides the proper protein, mineral and vitamin levels in an economical manner to ensure proper fetal development and prepare the cow for lactation. It now contains all organic selenium. Do not feed in combination with a Rumensin bolus.

Activ Plus 12:7 Dry Cow Mineral – Purina’s ACTIV Plus 12:7 Dry Cow Mineral is designed to be fed to both far off and close up dry cows. Only quality ingredients of highest standards are used to ensure maximum biological availability and benefit to your dry cows (organically bound minerals). Specifically formulated to enhance the immune system of the transition cow.

Activ Plus 0:16 Mineral – a mineral containing no calcium which can be beneficial in the prevention of milk fever. A great option if you have on farm forages high in calcium being fed to your dry cows.

Lactating Cow Products

Custom Feed Programs

We strongly recommend that you consider getting a customer feed program put together by our nutritionist, Lisa Mooney. We use Purina’s top of the line ration balancing program, Opti-Lac™, which is very effective at meeting your herd’s individual needs in a least cost fashion. Contact Lisa to get your custom program today!

Performance 40 – Top of the line dairy supplement designed to cover all of the nutrients needed in a milking cow program. This product can be used in place of most custom supplements if needed.

16% Dairy Ration – A textured complete feed that can be used in most milking cow programs where on farm grains are not available.

Activ Plus 18:9 Mineral – designed for milking cows that need a high level of calcium. This mineral has a high relative biological value, meaning the cattle can absorb the minerals easily. It also contains flavouring

Activ Plus 15:15 Mineral – designed for milking cows that need more supplemental phosphorus. This mineral has a high relative biological value, meaning the cattle can absorb the minerals easily. It also contains flavouring. Can be used for heifers as well.

On-Farm Nutritional Services

Feed Testing

Lisa will sample feeds on farm to assess quality and nutrients to use in your custom feed program:

    • We use Purina’s accredited lab for testing with reliable results.
  • We have extended testing that comes standard with each report. This includes nutrients such as digestible NDF, Sugars and fermentation acids to assess your ensiling practices.

Optilac™ Ration Balancing Program & Feed Cost Analysis

Opti-Lac™ is Purina’s premier Ration Balancing program which Lisa uses for all of her custom feed programs. It is a very in depth program, balancing for over 50 nutrients, including digestible NDF, butyric acid and many others. It is upgraded frequently with new nutrient filters based on new research from top rated universities and Purina’s own research. Opti-Lac™ is very effective at balancing the nutrition needs while least costing the ingredients used for that nutrition. Opti-Lac™ also uses physical properties of your on farm forages. Lisa can take the particle score, chop length, and kernel hardness values of your haylage, corn and corn silage and input them into Opti-Lac™ to account for nutrient changes based on the differences of these properties.

Custom Designed Feed Products

We have the ability to provide you with custom solutions to your feed program from two locations. We can make pelleted solutions from the Purina plant in Addison, Ontario. Lisa uses Opti-Lac™ to create the custom products made at both locations. We have the ability to provide you with complete feeds, supplements, stretchers, mineral premix, pelleted mineral premix as well as commodity blends.

Ongoing Management Support & Nutrition Advice

Lisa not only balances your ration and takes feed samples; she is available to take the time needed with your herd to maximize its potential. Whether it be troubleshooting a better way to raise your heifers or using your herd records to find a trend, Lisa is there for you. Don’t be afraid to call her anytime, she loves a challenge!

Feed Deliveries

We have two bulk feed trucks with pups that can haul 35 MT of feed at once. With this capacity, we can haul more feed at once to help reduce trucking costs and streamline the process. Scott Shelly and Daryl Brooks operate our feed trucks. They are experienced and hard working to get you your feed in a timely and effective fashion. If you’re looking for bags or totes, our bag truck drivers will deliver you what you need. Feel free to call the store to find out our bag truck schedule.

For more information about our feed products contact:

Rebecca Barr – Ruminant Farm Consultant

Selby Store: 613-354-4424

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