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Right Now Mineral

Right Now Minerals

Agribrands Purina introduced Right Now Minerals, a line of minerals available to beef producers in 2008. It is a unique form of mineral that is nutritionally formulated and colour coded to correspond to the seasonal changes in our forages. The large particle size and water resistance result in a reduced losses and improved cow intake resulting in higher fertility and healthier calves. Beef producers are seeing firsthand the benefits of the Right Now program in their herds.

Emerald – Used when the grass is green and cattle are on pasture.

Bronze – Used in the winter when cattle aren’t on grass

Onyx – A highly fortified and available mineral source. Tends to have lower intakes and is great for breeding animals. Also highly fortified with zinc to stimulate hair growth, which helps with those show animals!

Activ 12:12 – A well balanced mineral to cover your basic mineral needs on pasture. Contains pasture dry to prevent clumping in wetter weather.

Cattle/Heifer 13:13 MS – A medicated mineral to meet the needs of cattle and heifers on pasture. Contains Rumensin to promote efficient growth and prevent coccidiosis.

AAA Creep – A newly developed complete feed fortified with the essential minerals and vitamins needed for optimal calf growth. Its blalnce of protein and energy optimizes frame development and muscle gain to ensure proper weight gain of beef calves on pasture. It helps to maximize weaning weight while allowing the brood cow to maintain a better body condition for improved reproductive performance.

TCO 13% Feedlot – This feed is designed to be fed to finishing cattle. It contains the appropriate levels of starch and proper kinds of protein to ensure fast gains in the finishing period.
Show Ration – Purina’s Show Ration is a complete feed formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of the brood cow, replacement heifers or bulls (yearling and mature). This product is ideal for animals in a show string!

Sup-R-Block Image

Golden Steer B32 – A supplement containing all natural protein designed to be mixed with on farm grains to your growing cattle. Comes plain or with Rumensin

Lean Plus B15 – This is a very popular 15% grower for cattle containing all natural protein sources. It supplies the proper amounts of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins for growing cattle fed adequate quantities of good quality forages. You can get Lean Plus with or without Rumensin.


Sup-R-Block Mineral 9:5 – A mineral block highly fortified with essential minerals and vitamins for dairy heifers, goats, and beef cattle on pasture. Average Daily Intake: 100-150grams.

Sup-R-Block Image

Sup-R-Block (beef) – A highly palatable block designed for brood cows, heifers and far off cows containing 24% protein. Contains a variety of protein and energy sources to balance nutrient variability seen in pasture and stored forages.

Block Feeding Tips

    • Feed a high quality mineral 2 weeks prior to feeding the blocks
    • Place blocks near water or feed on well drained soil
    • One 225kg block for 25 cattle
    • One 25 kg block for 5 cattle or 25 sheep/goats
  • Forage quality will impact intake, so if intake is higher than expected, check your forages.

Nutrition Advice and Technical Support

Whether you have a cow-calf operation or a feedlot, we have lots of information and support for your operation. We can provide custom solutions for your feedlot using Purina’s Beefpro software. This enables you to economically finish your cattle and maximize profits. Our customers success is our success. Any questions, please ask Lisa Mooney.

Feed Testing

TCO Agromart will sample feeds on farm to assess quality and nutrients as part of the ration balancing program

    • Accredited lab for testing
    • Reliable results
  • Standard testing includes: sugars, digestible NDF and fermentation acids report

Feed Deliveries

We have two bulk feed trucks with pups that can haul 35 MT of feed at once. With this capacity, we can haul more feed at once to help reduce trucking costs and streamline the process. Scott Shelly and Darryl Brooks operate our feed trucks. They are experienced and hard working to get you your feed in a timely and effective fashion. If you’re looking for bags or totes, our bag truck drivers deliver you what you need. Feel free to call the store to find out our bag truck schedule.

For more information about our feed products contact: 613-354-4424

Rebecca Barr – Ruminant Farm Consultant

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