We provide a large selection of proven seed brands for high yields and returns. Including: corn, cereals, soybean, dry beans, custom forage crops, cover crops and lawn seed. To help realize maximum returns we carry a full line of crop protection and nutrient products that we can tailor to your needs. We also provide crop related services including soil sampling and analysis, plant tissue analysis, product placement advise, ATV overseeding, hybrid seed selection services, crop scouting and problem identification to help you insure a high yield.

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Neonicotinoid seed treatments in Ontario

Requirements for 2017 growing season:

In order to purchase seed treated with Class 12 pesticides, you must complete an Integrated Pest Management course and complete a pest assessment. Class 12 seed treatments include: Cruiser, Acceleron, Poncho and Stress Shield.

Non-Class 12 seed treatments, such as fungicide only treatments, are not regulated thus there are no requirements for them

After August 31, 2016, anyone who buys and uses any amount of Class 12 pesticide must:

  1. Successfully complete the IPM Course for Corn and Soybeans and become certified
  2. Complete or have completed Pest Assessment – Inspection of Soil Report
  3. Complete IPM Written Declaration Form that states IPM principles have been considered
  4. Submit IPM license number, pest assessment report and declaration form to seed vendor

The IPM course is offered online & in classroom. They are offered free of charge until April 30, 2017  and must be completed to become certified.

  • The online course requires 4 hours of commitment over 2 days.
  • The classroom course requires a half day commitment.

Local classroom sessions include:

  • None are scheduled at this time

Go to to register.

Anyone using Class 12 pesticides must ensure that they are being used according to the O. Reg. 63/09.

For more information about the Intergraded Pest Management course please visit:

For additional information for growers, please visit: Neonicotinoid regulations for growers

Non-Class 12 insecticides and fungicide options: We do have lots of options for non-class 12 insecticides and fungicide options for 2017 planting. Please give us a call soon to ensure best selection.

**Please note: The Seed Declaration & Pest Assessment forms will only download on Internet Explorer web broswers

Pest Scouting Videos

-Tracey Baute, OMAFRA Field Crop Lead Entomologist