The TCO Times – April 2022 Edition

July 15, 2022
The TCO Times – April 2022 Edition

We are all experiencing the effects of increased prices on just about everything these days not the least at the fuel tank. The ongoing effect of global supply chain issues from the pandemic and now to war in Ukraine has created some extremely challenging times. 

The agricultural industry is vital to the economy and the resiliency of farmers and industry stakeholders will prevail through these difficult times. You are all probably very aware that input costs have increased dramatically from last year. These high prices have put a lot of pressure on retailers to ensure we have consistent cash flow to pay our suppliers in a timely fashion. It will put a lot of pressure on growers due to the costs of fertilizer doubling from last year. 

We have tools that can help you if you need some bridge financing to cover your bill here and give you special terms to pay for it. Please reach out soon if you are interested in getting some financing this year. FCC ( has seen an increased demand for their program, and they are experiencing some delays in processing applications. The sooner you apply, the quick you can get financing in place. The fasted method of applying is by choosing an online application method (via email invited). It is the fasted way to approval with FCC and can be approved as little as 10 minutes. Other methods are a phone call from an FCC representative, but this takes a bit more time. Alternatively, we also have third party financing available through Scotiabank’s Yield More Financing Program ( 

TCO works with these financial institutions to help you free up cash flow when you need it most. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these programs that are available to you. Please reach out to Sandra if you are interested. 

-TCO Partners 

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, and this year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet”. From sun up to sunset and sometimes through the night – farmers invest in our planet every day. What better way to celebrate Earth Day 2022 than by thanking a farmer for investing in the future of our land, our families, and our community.

It is exciting to see some warmer sunny days upon us and the beginning of 2022 growing season. With the clock ticking down to planting time, we will be working diligently to get all seed and crop protection products delivered to the farm. Please anticipate our call and make any necessary space in your storage areas to receive product. If you need bagged or toted fertilizer to be delivered, please let us know as soon as possible what your needs are and when you can take it. 

All our equipment is currently ready to hit the field. We will be using a new dispatching software to help send work orders to our custom application equipment remotely. We believe this investment will help us increase efficiency and the service level for our customers. With this program comes the functionality to include field and farm boundaries for each individual job. We certainly appreciate any maps you can provide us with to help streamline the custom application process and use the software to it’s full potential. 

-The Crop Office

Selby (Napanee) – New in store for spring! For your fencing project needs: 

  • Diamond Bar Aluminum Gates
  • Cedar posts
  • Heavy and Light T-posts
  • High Tensile Field Fence 

For the Lawn:

  • Corn Gluten Crumbles 
  • 25-4-10 with Purkote Fertilizer
  • Bulk Lawn Seed

For the Garden:

  • Seed Potatoes & Onions
  • Garlic Bulbs 
  • Garden Seeds Bulk & Packets
  • BTK Biological Insecticide

To view the full edition click here TCO April Newsletter.

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