We can supply a full line of organic feed for all your farm animal needs.

Homestead Organics

Homestead Organics manufactures a full line of organic feeds to satisfy the needs of your farm animals.

They are expertly formulated for each species and their stage of production. Feeds are made with clean heavy grain and rely on a diversified and consistent ingredient list. Organic soybean oil is added to bind the dust.

These complete feeds contain appropriate mineral and vitamin supplements for the species and the type of production. Homestead Organics’ house mineral blend contains essential minerals plus kelp, vitamins and trace mineral salt. It suits most mixed farms with low stress levels and good husbandry. As an option, the Bio-Ag premium premixes start with the same essential ingredients as the house blend. They also contain probiotics, chelated trace minerals and micronutrients. Although more expensive, they are specifically designed for each production cycle of each species.

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