We provide a large selection of proven seed brands for high yields and returns. Including: corn, cereals, soybean, dry beans, custom forage crops, cover crops and lawn seed. We also provide seed related services including soil sampling and analysis, plant tissue analysis, product placement advise, ATV over-seeding and hybrid seed selection services.

Related Products & Services

  • Product placement advice
  • In-season crop scouting and problem identification
  • Weigh wagon yield trials
  • Custom ATV over-seeding
  • New product field testing
  • Inoculants
    • Alfalfa & clovers
    • Soybeans
    • Corn silage & haylage
    • High moisture corn
  • Forage preservative – Hay Pro II Hay Acid

Ontario Yield Trials

Corn Trials
Soybean Trials
Cereal Trials

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